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I'm doing this local because I need the cash to fix Mr. Beefy, my '95 2dr Snow/Tow/Hoe. 1 3/4 primaries, good condition, could use some welding to eliminate the forward O2 bungs since the factory can't grasp that reading off of one primary is dumb and the guy I picked them up off of C5 did a iffy job welding up the 'replacement' bungs. I'd run rears only but that's after cleaning up the bungs because I'm neurotic like that. Good polish with some metal polish and a ceramic coat and they're good to go all season. Also including the 12" extensions for the rear sensors because I'm a good guy like that.

Looking for $450 which is about what they are new with the funky bung setup that would require another $100 bucks in welding. Also I've got extensions so you can plug 'em in if you want to before the next cruise. I can meet and drop 'em off no cost because shipping blows and you guys deserve 'em before the rest of C5 or craigslist lol.

Call or text me, 419-283-7228.
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