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Timothy Drouillard
Tiffany made have gotten an honorable mention in this article.

Car enthusiast experiences Dream Cruise for first time
Thousands spend Saturday along Woodward Avenue
William Hess
SO - went to fire up the ride yesterday to go to the WW Cruise, and nothing, no crank. Battery voltage OK >12v. Checked connections, jiggled wires, mashed the pedal a few times and started then died...
CJ Hall
Detroit Car Week.
Nice turnout, nice bands, this is the start of a new tradition.
Samantha Moore
Jody Young
Forgot to post this yesterday. But on her 7th birthday. This was the mileage when I started it up to go to Woodward. I bought it with 7 miles on it. 7 years with exactly 48k. Is that weird?
CJ Hall
At Hart Plaza. Saving some spots in the Motor City. Very nice setup. Detroit Car Week.
Kelly Richardson
Does anyone have an extra 2014 Dream Cruise pin I could buy from you? I've got every year I've been but 2014 which was my first year. :-(
Ryan Sherrett
Saw a few of our members out giving vert rides on Woodward today. I know there were some I didn't personally see, but I heard about. Of all the things the members of this club do, it's things like thi...
Jonathan Potter
Here's one from yesterday.
Timothy Drouillard
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Timothy Drouillard
Yes Mike was once again with us at the cruise this year.
Rest in piece my friend...
Tiffany Cross
As I was driving DMAN clients around, there was someone around 14 Mile that screamed out "krypton green Camaro ZL1"... anyone here?
Frank Nicklyn
Had to drive in the rain down here.... who's up for Woodward? I'll be the guy in the dirty Camaro!
Allan Peters
To bad no spots open as this is probably the ONLY 2011 SSRS Synergy Green Camaro here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look for us on Woodward!!!!!!!!!!
Jody Young
Jody Young
Jody Young
Jim Sandt  1Cor.1:18
Woodward Dream Cruise 2017

and a good time was had by all.
Mike  Genslak
This is the weather for today in Royal Oak.........changes by the minute.......all looking good.

Leaving in 45 minutes. Monica is coming with me (her first time down to Woodward.
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