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Angelo & Gail Hayes
Come on out to the Downriver Cruise. It's about 9 of us here so far.
Ben Mielke
Out for a nice Cruze to Brighton, Vector Motorsports then back to Auburn Hills! Changing axle fluids on truck today and transfer case!
Ben Mielke
Anyone at vector motorsports today I'm nearby
Jay Crosby
Jay Crosby

Hello everyone !! We are getting closer to the trip. Please book your room ASAP so we can have a head count for the trip. There are many rooms still open. I need to contact the hotel so...
Roc Morrow
Damn Magnaflow Resonated X-Pipe smh
Timothy Drouillard
Timothy Drouillard
The downriver cruise is in full swing despite the stories you've read.
Canopy is up, chairs are in place and several club members have already shown up.
Angelo & Gail Hayes
Hello family. I have purchased two cases of water and 30 cans of soda for tomorrow,

However we will need three small or two large bags of ice. If anyone wishes to supply them please indicate on this s...
Mike  Genslak
Samantha Moore
See you at the port Huron cruise! Just finished the stang finally lol. Let's go Kyle !!
Kyle Fillo
Blue Water cruise is this Friday fyi! Burnouts allowed!
Timothy Drouillard
Here's the Dodge Demon release form buyers have to sign
Want to place a Demon order? You'll have to sign this in front of a notary first

Read more: http://autoweek.com/article/supercars/dodge-please...
Derrick Mohammed
Timothy Drouillard
Registrations for the Metro Chevy Dealers event at Memorial Park appears to be working yet again !!!

Keith Mabe
What time is the club meeting at the park on Sunday at camaro fest?
Kelly Richardson
Jeff Nurmi
I have a 2 tickets for Depeche Mode on August 27th at DTE for sale for $150. If anyone would be interested PM me.
Marvitis Dupree
Timothy Drouillard
Reminder, next Saturday is the annual Downriver Cruise.
Once again Angelo has gotten permission for us to park and watch the cruise at, the parking lot at Tittle Construction 15720 Fort Street in South...
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