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Frank Nicklyn
If the club could rent out Milan drag strip for a day (9-5) would there be any interest in going? No cost to club members.
Timothy Drouillard
This year's family Secret Santa gift.
When I 'wrap' one for the club, I have to make sure it 'can' be unwrapped during the meeting.

When 'wrapping' one for the family, I can get a bit more 'creative'...
Frank Nicklyn
Camarofest 8 Bowling Green KY!
Jim Sandt  1Cor.1:18
1 week to go....
Jody Young
Happy birthday Sam. Shared by her Mom.
Samantha Moore

Best Birthday Ever!

She cranked over for me on my birthday, perfect timing, and I can’t stop smiling! ❤️

Video of her first idle (which is set high for right now) lol!

Ryan Sherrett
Looks like we are likely moving to our new house the first weekend in January. I don't see a January meeting on the event calendar yet. Maybe can be a moving party??? Haha.
Timothy Drouillard
Or perhaps $15 in quarters? 60 quarters, starting with the first state quarter issued in 1999, includes all the state quarters and the next quarters in sequence totaling the full 60 quarters.
Ricky & Tammy Lewis
how do I get info on Camaro fest 18 in ky
CJ Hall
January club meeting status:
Trying to reserve an auto themed location. I should hear from the manager this week.
Russ Gilbert
Thino Paramanantham
Timothy Drouillard
Happy Birthday Kyle, the BIG 30 !!!
Mike  Genslak
Kyle, kind of hard to hide when you have it on your information page........LOL
Chris Ford
Roc Morrow
Kelly Richardson
Alright which D5G member was at VEC and put this next to where someone wrote they were thankful for their Mustang LOL Brian Meissen posted this pic on Facebook. I bet $10 it's a D5G member.If you can'...
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