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A. Name: The name of the organization shall be DETROIT 5TH GEN CAMARO CLUB ("D5GCC").
B. Purpose: The purpose of the Club shall be for non-profit, charitable and educational purposes including the following:
1. To promote the admiration, care, ownership and maintenance of the CHEVROLET 5TH GENERATION CAMARO cars in any form.
2. To provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and expertise on 5TH GEN CAMARO cars and their operation and preservation.
3. To unite 5TH GEN CAMARO owners and admirers in restoring and maintaining their vehicles in a manner that will promote safety, admiration and respect within the community.
4. To provide a spirit of good fellowship and a friendly social environment in which to enjoy activities related to and using 5TH GEN CAMARO cars.
5. To promote safe and responsible driving of 5th GEN CAMARO cars.

A. Dues are $25.00 per calendar year for current or previous members due on July 1st of the calendar year no matter when you joined the club. The club has the right to apply dues of any member that joined in May or June and paid prior to July 1st to the following year.
B. A membership entitles a member’s family, (spouse, and children up to age 18) to any and all of the club benefits.
C. New members will receive one (1) t-shirt with the club and sponsor’s logos in the color and size of the member’s choice. Additional shirts may be purchased for the price of $15.00 each.
D. All members must submit a Membership Application when joining the club and have on file a signed Waiver of Liability which remains in effect year after year.
1. Eligibility:
1.a. Membership shall be open to all persons interested in 5th GEN CAMARO cars.
1.b. Ownership of a 5th GEN CAMARO car is not required for membership.
1.c. Membership may not be transferred. All rights of membership cease upon termination of membership.

2. Categories of Membership:
2.a. Regular membership
2.a.1. Regular members shall have had their written membership application accepted, shall pay yearly D5GCC membership dues.
2.a.2. Those members who have timely paid dues and who are not suspended or expelled shall be members in good standing. Membership shall lapse for any member whose dues are more than two (2) months in arrears. Such members will be reinstated upon payment of the dues owed.

3. Privileges:
3.a. All members in good standing shall have full voting rights.
3.b. All regular members in good standing shall be eligible for elective office.
3.c. All members in good standing shall receive access to the member's only area on www.detroit5thgen.com.
3.d. All members in good standing shall be invited to participate in all club meetings and activities.

4. Termination of Membership:
4.a. A membership shall terminate on the occurrence of any of the following events:
4.a.1. Resignation of a member.
4.a.2. Expiration of the period of membership unless the membership is renewed on the renewal terms fixed by the Board of Directors.
4.a.3. Failure of the member to pay dues as set by the Board of Directors.
4.a.4. Expulsion of a member under these by laws based on the good faith determination of the Board of Directors that the member has failed in a material and serious degree to observe the club's rules of conduct or has engaged in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the purposes and interest of the club.
4.a.5. All members must complete the D5GCC Waiver and Release of Liability and conduct themselves in a way that does not cast a bad image or reputation on the D5GCC. Failure of to do so will allow the D5GCC Board of Directors to revoke the person's membership with no refund.

A. Responsibilities:
1. Management, administration and policy making of D5GCC is hereby vested in the officers and the Board-of-Directors, subject only to these By-Laws and Michigan Law.
B. Executive Officers:
1. The officers of D5GCC shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
C. Composition of the Board of Directors:
1. The Board of Directors shall consist of eight (8) elected members. Four (4) members of the Board of Directors shall be the executive officers and four (4) shall be directors-at-large.
D. Meetings:
1. The Board of Directors shall meet as often as deemed necessary.
2. The president of D5GCC shall conduct the meetings of the Board of Directors.

A. The four (4) executive officers, three (3) directors-at-large and one (1) events director shall be elected in November of each year, at the regular D5GCC business meeting by the majority vote of the members in good standing attending such meeting. Any member in good standing may vote by written proxy submitted to the secretary prior to the meeting.
B. The term of office for the elected officers and directors-at-large shall be from November 1 to October 31 of each year.
C. If a vacancy occurs among the executive officers or directors-at-large whether by resignation or otherwise, a special election shall be held not later than the second regularly scheduled meeting of the Club following such vacancy to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the year.
D. The elected officers may succeed themselves in the same or a different office.
E. No person may hold more than one (1) elective office at a time.
F. Candidates for office:
1. Any regular member may request nomination for any office by informing a member of the Board at least two (2) weeks in advance of the election.
2. Any regular member may volunteer for an appointed committee position by informing a member of the Board prior to the official announcement of that appointment.

A. The annually elected officers of D5GCC shall perform these functions:
1. President
1.a. Preside at all regular and special D5GCC meetings.
1.b. Preside at Board of Director's meetings
1.c. Represent D5GCC to the public.
1.d. Appoint all non-elected positions and committee chairmen with the approval of the Board of Directors.
2. Vice President
2.a. Substitute for the president when appropriate.
2.b. Assume such duties as may serve as preparation for the Office of President and accept nomination for President when the current President steps down.
2.c. Attend Board meetings.
3. Secretary
3.a. Keep minutes of all regular D5GCC and Board of Director's meetings.
3.b. Maintain a current membership roster to be published at least once a year.
3.c. Attend Board meetings.
4. Treasurer
4.a. Present a Treasurer's report at each regular D5GCC meeting.
4.b. Keep appropriate financial records for the Club.
4.c. Collect and disperse funds at the direction of the Board of Directors or by vote of the membership.
4.d. Collect membership dues and inform any member in arrears of past due status.
4.e. Attend Board meetings.
5. Directors-at-large
5.a. Assume the duties of the executive officers when appropriate.
5.b. Serve in such capacities as the President may direct (e.g., standing committees, special committees, special assignments, etc.).
5.c. Attend Board meetings.

A. The majority of club revenue will come from club dues. Additional sources of revenue may come from corporate sponsors or proceeds from club events (car shows, etc.)
B. Major Expenditures:
1. With a majority vote of the Board of Directors, the Treasurer shall be authorized to allocate money to the limit established by the Board of Directors. This amount shall in no event exceed one-half of the D5GCC treasury.
C. Incidental and Regular Expenditures:
1. Funds needed by committees for routine club expenses shall be allocated up to the limits established by the Board of Directors.

A. Regular business meetings shall be held at least nine (9) times a year at regular intervals.
B. If the date, time or place of a meeting is changed, it will be the responsibility of the President to see that the members are notified.
C. Club business may be put to a vote at any meeting with at least 20% of the members in good standing are present. A majority vote shall carry any motion.

A. Subject to the rights of members under this Article VIII, the Board of Directors may adopt amend or repeal by-laws by an affirmative vote of the majority of directors then in office.
B. These By-Laws may be amended as follows:
1. The proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors for approval The approved amendment may be adopted by a 51% vote of the members attending the next meeting, providing at least 33% of the members in good standing are present.
2. Upon approval, the amendment shall be incorporated into the official By-Laws by the Secretary. Copies of the revised By-Laws shall be distributed only to the Board of Directors if the changes are minor or to the entire membership if the changes are major.

A. Reporting a grievance:
1. Any member with a grievance shall contact a D5GCC Officer or Board Member in confidence.
2. The Officer or Board Member contacted will inform the President of a grievance.
3. The President will record/write all aspects of the grievance.
4. If another member, Officer or Board member is involved in a conflict, a statement will be taken from each party.
5. Members involved in a grievance will be given notice of the grievance and will be given the opportunity to be heard, either orally or in writing.
B. Grievance Resolution:
1. Once a statement or statements are collected, at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting the Board will hear the grievance, discuss and decide the outcome which shall be unanimous and final.
2. Any Officer or Board member involved in a conflict will be excluded from grievance procedures.
October 2013