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Become a paid member to get our paid membership perks.

One Time Perks include:
1 Free D5GCC T-Shirt (color and size choice)
2 Quarter Panel Window Stickers, 1 for each side (color choice)

All Time Perks include:
Access to D5GCC Classifieds
Access to Club Events
Access to Club News
Access to Sponsorship Events
An opportunity to join D5GCC Club members for dinner in various locations every month (First Friday of each Month)
The company of the best camaro club in the country.

To become a paid member the cost is $25 per year. We keep track of when you pay so you can renew at that time every year. You can use the Paypal button below to become a Paid Member. You can also check out our membership badges for only $10. Take a look here.

If you have more than one Camaro please consider including another $25 per Camaro. Though this is not required, it does help the club with funds for events and charities. Also if it is the first time sign up for the camaro you will also get the One Time perks as that is included for each Camaro and payment.

If you do not have Paypal or don't want to pay electronically, then you can pay in person at the next event you attend. Just see one of the Board members to do so.

Another alternative would be to send Beth Ferda a message asking to mail a check.

After registering for the first time as a Paid Member, please see a Board member, or message one, to request your T-Shirt Size, Color, and Sticker Color. Or just send an email to Board@Detroit5thGen.com to get everyone on the Board.

New / Update

Extra Shirts

Most colors are very similar to the color options for the Camaro.
(colors- Red, Maroon, Charcoal, Grey, White, Black, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, and Navy Blue)
$15 Each

Specify Size and Color