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Welcome to Detroit 5th Gen Camaro Club! Please feel free to browse and check out some of the events that our members have access to. We have a great group of car lovers with tons of knowledge to share. There is plenty to see and do!
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Any paid member of the Club is welcome to purchase a two-sided ID badge for $10.00. This is great to wear to Club events so people can learn your name and what car you drive!! To order these, please email with your Name (first & last), what you want under your name (vanity plate name or Camaro5 forum user ID), and a simple picture of your car. Please pick a picture that shows most of your car so we can easily put a face to the car or vice versa. With these badges, you will get a clear “pocket” and a Black Lanyard with “Detroit 5th Gen Camaro Club & (logo)” on it.

For members that have already purchased an ID badge, but would like a new picture (ex. new mods or new car) the cost is a $2.00. Please use the above email to send a new picture.

You can pay using the PayPal button below. If you don't use PayPal, please contact Beth to make other payment arrangements.

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