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Welcome to Detroit 5th Gen Camaro Club! Please feel free to browse and check out some of the events that our members have access to. We have a great group of car lovers with tons of knowledge to share. There is plenty to see and do!

Date: January 6, 2017 @ 7:00pm
Location: Champions, 22112 Sibley Road, Brownstown, MI


Paid Members:
A list of paid members is being compiled and we hope to have this available for the next General meeting. Over the years, we have collected a significant number of member registrations, but only a subset are active, paid members. So that we have am accurate count of our membership size, going forward, this list of paid members will be the number the club shares as its membership.

Payment for Membership Dues:
To ensure accurate tracking for payment of membership dues, all payments should either be provided directly to Beth or made via PayPal. The rest of the club officers will not accept payments. We will look at obtaining a card reader to process dues via credit card. This would be convenient for the club and for members, especially at our events.

Car Show vs Poker Run:
Proposal to the club membership is that we either host a car show or a poker run this year. It is felt that we don't have the capacity to be able to plan and organize both of these events. There has been a lot of interest raised about a poker run type event and perhaps this is something that might be different, fun and easier to host.

A vote on this topic was requested, but will be deferred to the next meeting. It was felt that this is something that the membership should be aware of coming up for a vote. As an indication of interest, a show of hands was requested for who would be in favor of a poker run, and virtually everyone in attendance showed support (we had approximately 28 attendees at this meeting).

While there are several details to be worked out, the intent of this discussion was not to work through all these items today, but to gauge interest so that the club could determine if this is something we might want to consider in our planning. This seems to be the case.

We will plan a formal vote for the next meeting. Per the suggestion raised and to provide notice in advance of the club meetings, the secretary will post the meeting agenda a few days before each General meeting. This will provide our members with the opportunity to see what's upcoming and hopefully will drive attendance and support of decisions made at these meetings.

Club Survey:
We are working on a survey to our membership so that we may have a better understanding of what our members want from the club. More details to come in the next few weeks.

Other Announcements:

- Derrick showed a very cool, 3D, ceramic version of the club logo, which a family member had made. He plans to mount it and display it in his engine bay at car shows. If anyone is interested in having one made, Derrick will create a post with more details on the club site.
- The United Street Machines (see has extended invitations for our club at their events. Angelo will post these events on our club site.
- D-Man (Danny's Miracle Angel Network, see hosts a wonderful event each year for the Woodward Cruise. To provide a memorable ride for their disabled clients, volunteers with convertibles are requested. Several club members have participated over the last few years, have found it to be very rewarding, and others are encouraged to support.

Next Meeting:
Date: February 3, 2017 @ 7:00pm
Location: Shield's Pizza, 1476 W Maple Rd, Troy, MI, 48084
Paul Brown
Could not make it to the meeting because of work so, it is really great to have these Meeting Minutes!
  • January 10, 2017
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