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Welcome to Detroit 5th Gen Camaro Club! Please feel free to browse and check out some of the events that our members have access to. We have a great group of car lovers with tons of knowledge to share. There is plenty to see and do!

Here is a current list of all paid members. If you paid your dues but your name isn't on the list or is in the wrong spot, please let me know (PM or email me: I will update this list frequently.
(Last update 11-3-2016)

Beth Ferda
D5GCC Treasurer

....July 2014.... (next due date July 2015)
Adam Jones
Bob Lavender
Brian & Dawn Schell
BumBle1 AKA Tim Hall
David Bell
Don Skonieczny
Doug Tingley
Joel B.
Jon Bohning
Justin Scott (only owes $15)
Kamran Osenbaugh
Mark Marion
Michael Radachi
Norman Hallet
Roger Van Huysse

...September 2014... (next due date September 2015)
Jeff and Linda Shaw

...January 2015... (next due date January 2016)
Eric Gierahn
Eric McCuaig
Morgan Iorio
Pete and Janet Schneider
Eric Larson
Brad Kendall
Dale Hartzfeld

...February 2015... (next due date February 2016)
Andy Suhy
Rick and Tammy Lewis
Marc Hall

..March 2015... (next due date March 2016)
Jennie & John Atkinson
David Misch
Steven Curry
Mark B
Ray Drzala
Alexander Selim
Remi Lynne
Lance Couturier
Marc Pollard
Ed Foss
Jim Disney

...April 2015... (next due date April 2016)
Dave Schell
Roc Morrow
Norman Hallett
Joel Argersinger
Don Cooke
Jaramie Alsup
DJ Boka
Paul Heinrich

...May 2015... (next due date May 2016)
Ric Rodriguez
Joe Ghamloush
Walter Armstrong
Walter Armstrong Sr.
Patrick Hoskins
Lynn Catteral
Andrew Garcia
Rahul Dahiya
Thomas Feest
Tiffany Cross
Wesley Hayward
Ali Nasrallah
David Scheel
Robert Roselle
Heather Pickens

...June 2015... (next due date June 2016)
Mark West
Michael Hartmann
Michelle Squires
Bryan Lake
Richard Hankins
Corey Michalak
Michael Craft
Marcus Hall
Bill Crowe
Suzanne Secor
David Lorence
Steve Rodriguez
Mike Wallace

...July 2015... (next due date July 2016)
Christy Gallaway
Michael Meador
Alfred Heikkinen
Jody Young
Mathias Meissner
Gary Rogensues
Jim Ziemiecki
Joe Kayfish
Dan Reed
Bill Kostich
Tina Kostich
Shane Julet and Christina Blaszczyk
Chris and Lisa Russeau
John and Linda Bellew
Scott Douglas

...August 2015... (next due date August 2016)
Joe and Joyce Milaszewski
Iasmin Giuricici
Trevor Smith
Michael Moody
Rich Katko
DeShoun Kuhn
Kevin Dailey
Michael Chambers

...September 2015... (next due date Sept. 2016)
Jim Sandt
Chris Masson
James Hoshaw

...October 2015... (next due date Oct. 2016)
Charles Jensen
Arika Ewell

...November 2015... (next due date Nov. 2016)
Robert Weinert
Becky Doyle

..January 2016... (next due date Jan. 2017)
Pete Anderson
Kenneth Burlingame

...February 2016... (next due date Feb. 2017)
Mark O'Grady

...March 2016... (next due date March 2017)
Andre Eaton
Matt Pfaff
Anthony Rinks

...April 2016... (next due date April 2017)
Michael Hixson
Rowland Bullerdick
Mike Kasparian
David Poynter
Keith Mabe

...May 2016... (next due date May 2017)
Mike Simlar
Rossana De Angelis
Paul Brown
Darlene A Pippins
Eric & Angie Winton
Jim Barbee
Kevin McCarty
Joe & Emma Lee Zamm
George Ayoub
Ron Ruffi **(Ron's next due date is May 2018)**

...June 2016... (next due date June 2017)
Travis Haggerty
Amit Gungune
Dennis Ledbetter
Doug Brochue
Mike and Lynda Bleser
Marvitis Dupree
Dennis Lathon
George and Lubka Zobian
Jonathan Potter
Tim Drouillard
Russ Gilbert
Andrew Kujawiak
Rasheen (Rocky) McClain
Brian Nowicki

...July 2016... (next due date July 2017)
Danny Stameski
Ben and Kristina Long
Kristian Pace
Manuel James
Eric Sowers
Timothy Bowles
Vaughn Reid
Allyson Schneider
Lee Timer
Billy & Shannon Comstock
Michael Celotto
Kelly Richardson
Nicholas Faust-Doty
Beth and Ray Ferda
Ryan Sherrett
Frank Nicklyn
Mike and LoriAnn Schroeder
Derrick Mohammed
Dave & Christin Bradley

...August 2016... (next due date August 2017)
Al Gyenese
Blake Nye
Roger Greene
Samantha Greene
George Pace
Michael Genslak
Susie Goodrich Weeks
Brenda Zeigler
Jay Crosby
Kim Hemme & Dan Johnson

...September 2016...(next due date September 2017)
Dwayne McMurrian

...October 2016... (next due date October 2017)
Jeff Nurmi
Kristen Lingenfelter

...November 2016... (next due date November 2017)
Mark Walterhouse
Gerald Jacobson
Kyle Fillo
Antonio Amicone
Sam Moore
Charles Hall
Angelo Hayes
Beth Ferda
Please make sure you are up to date on your dues!! Dues can be paid with paypal, in cash to a board officer, or PM me and I will give you my address to send a check. Thanks, Beth
  • August 12, 2016
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Mike  Genslak
Beth, Thank - you for updating this list. I will have a Paypal payment sent over shortly.
  • August 12, 2016
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