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Welcome to Detroit 5th Gen Camaro Club! Please feel free to browse and check out some of the events that our members have access to. We have a great group of car lovers with tons of knowledge to share. There is plenty to see and do!

D5GCC January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Our January Meeting was held on January 2 at the Box Bar in Plymouth with approximately 25 people in attendance and 1 Camaro.

At around 8:00 pm Derrick called the meeting to order and began the voting for the Election.
The results of our 2015 Election are:

President: Jody Young
Vice President: Nicholas Faust-Doty
Treasurer: Beth Ferda
Secretary: Mathias Meissner
Directors-at-Large: Jeff Nurmi, Ryan Sherrett, Sam Moore
Events Coordinator: LoriAnn Schroeder
Founder/Past President: Derrick Mohammed

Derrick congratulated the new Board-of-Directors and we talked briefly about the 2015 Lingenfelter/
D5GCC Cars and Coffee Show. LoriAnn stated that she has an ongoing list of those who have volunteered to be on the planning committee for the show. She has started to divide up the main committee into possible sub-committees and will email the current volunteers so that we can begin meeting and planning. It was suggested to begin meeting monthly and then more frequently as the event nears. Tim stated that we should keep it simple our first year and then build on it in the future.

Jody then spoke and thanked everyone for their support and vowed that he will do his best to take the club to the next generation. He praised Derrick for all his hard work in making the club what it is today and that he will always be our Founder. Mike Bleser suggested that in other clubs Past Presidents have the duties of running a club meeting in the event that the current President and Vice President are absent. The club membership agreed that we do the same.

Jody went on to explain that he will immediately begin taking care of a few pertinent things that have been issues presented to the club. He will work with Derrick and Nick to get the problems with the website fixed so that we can have an accurate representation of our paid membership and so that current and prospective members can register and pay dues. He will make sure that our Sponsors are displayed prominently on the website and in addition he will work with the Board to update our bylaws to fit more accurately the current state of the club and get them posted on the website.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30pm.
Timothy Drouillard
Thanks LoriAnn.
  • January 3, 2015
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Mike  Genslak
Lori Ann, THANK - YOU, for taking care of the notes and secretary job for the past couple year.
  • January 4, 2015
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