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Welcome to Detroit 5th Gen Camaro Club! Please feel free to browse and check out some of the events that our members have access to. We have a great group of car lovers with tons of knowledge to share. There is plenty to see and do!


Born on January 1, 1970
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Mike  Genslak
Hello Admin, Just passing along another email I recieved from another fellow GM employee, who is trying to get on our site and sign - up . He has difficulty too. Here is the email I got from him.

Mike  Genslak
Hello Admin, I was not aware of a policy that we should contact Sam or Derrick with issues too. I will do so from now on. I will also send this to your other email box, as it appears you are not looki...
Mike  Genslak
Hello Admin,

Here is another email I recieved from Brian who cannot see all of the site. I sent you one back on the 17th for someone else. Any updates that we can tell these people. I posted a long c...
Mike  Genslak
Hello Admin, I recieved this email from Doug. I sent him a reply, but can you look into this and help him out.


I am having problems logging on to the website ...
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